AP Tackleworks

Finally we were able to get out on the salt chuck. We started late but our lines were in the water by 3 pm. A new version AP Tackleworks herring spoon Neon Army Truck was hot. We landed 6 springs and 4 were legal . All the springs were white. Had to quit by 5 pm as we limited out our catch..

 Version 2


Conditions were sketchy as it was forecasted all day for high winds with 25 MPH gusts . Visually it was calm. So we took a gamble for an afternoon adventure.


We reached our destination NNE 2 miles from the islands called the fingers near the entrance of Nanaimo Harbour.Our down rigger were at 140 and 160 feet. Trolling against the current at 1.8 to 2.5 MPH it didn’t take long for the first hit. For the next two hours we had numerous hits and landed 6 Chinook salmons with 4 being legal size.



We returned to the launch by 5:45 pm and the wind storm came . Luck was on our side today



Next adventure will be A different AP Tackleworks spoon to test out.

P3070143 2.JPG

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