Bring Out The Super Stars

As I anticipated the New season all the major components were gathered, cleaned , tuned up for the up coming adventure.

Its time to gather up the super stars Amundson Outdoors , Ap Tackleworks, RigRap, WiggleFin and Olympic Tackle. The boat is ready. The weather is getting better and the salmon are waiting.

Amundson Outdoors


AP Tackleworks trolling lures. Testing out a new Herring version.

Quote: The AP Sandlance Spoon has now been fished all throughout the West Coast of North America from Alaska to California and all the way to Russia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and Japan, all with great results. Although the lures were originally designed to target Chinook salmon on the sandy bottoms of the Salish Sea, they have proven effective on Coho salmon, halibut, lingcod, large fresh water trout and many other species. The lures perform great when trolled extremely close to bottom where Pacific Sand Lance are found and are also very effective higher up in the water column.
The same design principles were incorporated into two new spoons: The AP Anchovy Spoon and the AP Herring Spoon. Both share the life-like swimming action of the AP Sandlance Spoon, yet with the body shapes of anchovy and Pacific herring respectively.

P3070143 2.JPG

Organization is imperative. That is why Rigrap is a must. To be able to select fast, keep the leaders from tangling up and maintain the wear and tear of the lures. This leaves more time fishing and with less tangles and or tying up.

P4260150 2.JPG

I use the Swarm flasher as a dummy set up. With three blades you have a total of 8 flashing surfaces to attract the salmon. With the slim profile of the blades it reduces the cautiousness the wary salmon have.

P4260155 2.JPGP4260154 2.JPG
Olympic Tackle
The Anchovy and the Sandlance set up with tandem hooks with the WiggleFin Action disc That makes them dance.

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