2017 Trolling Journal


May 2 2017 Journal

East Vancouver Island launching at Brechin boat launch in Nanaimo

According to the bite chart the major is 06:05 am- 08:05 am and then 18:25 pm- 20:05 pm.  Tides 5:56 , 9.8feet , 10:17 11.8 feet , 17:19 3.6 feet.

Forecast cloudy with sunny breaks and then showers in the afternoon. Winds 15km/h SE and gust 25 km/h . Temperature 7 c

Today I am testing out three types of lures from two manufactures. AP Tackleworks and  Olympic Tackle. That have herring, anchovy and needle fish lures.

The lure will be attached to a flasher using a 11 inch Shooter flasher “Silver Metallic Betsy”   I favor four foot to  five-foot 25-pound test leaders .

Using the Amundson Outdoors Trend X5 Mooching Reel attached to Savvy Sumo Lieutenant mooching rod .


Even though the weather report indicated bad conditions to fish   the wind changed from SE to a West and that made the East side of Vancouver Island the lea side. We saw calm water and decided to make the afternoon run. We finally had the lines in the water by 2PM and the first hit was within a couple of minutes. I had dropped my down rigger to 155 feet and Bobs was 140 feet deep. We had four down rigger clip releases with no fish . We decided to set the quick release clips harder and slowed the boat down to 2 MPH as we were going against the current. The next two hits were on the AP Tackle Herring spoon. Very exciting but they were under size. With the clouds starting to turn darker we could sense that our adventure might be limited.  For the next hour and a half we hooked into four keepers biggest about 10 pounds.  It was hectic and didn’t have a chance to change up the lures. AP Tackleworks Neon Army Truck spoon.   By 5pm the wind started to shift to the SE and we decided to get off the water before the 25km/h gust start blowing. Good call as we landed the boat and all hell broke loose with huge whitecaps and deep swells on the open water.


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