Another Addiction

The “out of water trophy shot” this can be very stressful on the fish and with catch and release often mandatory with most river systems, the new type of sports cameras is ideal. With the option of taking underwater trophy photos, it benefits you as the angler, but the fish as well. 

Ever since the introduction of the digital camera, anglers now have the ability for instant gratification of their photo compositions. The new generations of digital cameras are built a lot tougher for rougher conditions. Mostof these outdoor sport cameras can now withstand hardship handling in all sorts of conditions, as they are shock, freeze , water and dust proof.

Some are aimed and shoot as they have no viewing screen for composition so its all guesswork. Others have various size viewing screens stationery or flexible including Wi-Fi, GPS, the feature list goes on. Along with the special effects they can also create telephoto, wide angle, black and white, panoramic and macro photos. With the addition of these features, you can have a dual image stabilization mode to reduce blur for fast moving shots or in low light the ability to record videos. There are no boundaries with the new breed of digital camera.


Most cameras come with a case that helps add to the durability of the camera, I have twice accidentally tossed my camera while pulling out my gear and upon inspection, was pleased to see that there was no harm to the camera. As a sports angler, these features have opened up many new opportunities. For their size, these digital cameras pack a punch. You are now able to preserve the memories of extreme outdoor activities without causing harm to the camera.

Manufacturers are very creative concerning to camera mounting. From positioning on various parts of the body human or animal. Mounts on surfaces like fishing rods, fishing nets, even underwater mounts attached to the fishing line. Your standard tripods to various size engineered flexible leg pods.

It was minus one degree when I had the chance to test the camera’s durability during a heavy snowstorm. As the heavy snowstorm continued, the eyes of the rod were beginning to freeze, and the rod had a thick layer of snow. I was worried about the camera freezing but needless to say, my sports cameras it lived up to the name “tough”.

On another adventure, I wanted to be creative and obtain a photo with two focal points. One out of the water and one underwater. I set the camera for rapid shooting and for underwater exposure. Without being able to see through the viewing screen it would have to be a point and shoot and hope for the best. This is not as easy as it seemed. After four different fishing adventures, an opportunity arose. I had just landed a summer run steelhead and as I reached the shoreline the hook came off. The steelhead though stayed in a staionary position reviving its self. I quickly realized the opportunity and dropped to my knees and started taking pictures as fast as I could.

So for those looking for a new fix, a new way to love fishing, you got to try this. The photos explain themselves.

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