Yakima Bait Co.

Flash&Glow Spinners

We use three types of lures when casting off our East coast Vancouver Island beaches. The spoon, the spinner, and the lead lures. All have an application that is best them.

Spoons represent a fluttering fish and in the early part of the season when the salmon are gorging to build their body weight up as fast as they can before entering their natal rivers or streams. they cannot resist.

Coho Salmon

The lead lures are often heavier and they are best during heavy storms when casting a spoon is impossible. Or you want to reach out with a farther distance cast to reach them. It will be best when they are still foraging for food .They are designed to cut through the bad weather but one has to retrieve them faster and holding the rod tip high to keep them from snagging the bottom.

Then there are the spinners. When you want to attract their attention the flash of the blade is irresistible. The salmon are often striking not because of their feeding but striking out in anger. What we call an aggressive strike. casting the lures is different also. With spoons and lead lures, you want to cast over the school and then bring it through the school of salmon or cast ahead of them and lead them to the lure. With spinners, we want to cast and landed the lure right on top of the school and then let it drop or flutter. We usually count three seconds and then start to retrieve. Often the strike will happen just as the lure leaves the school.

Chinooks ( Spring ) Salmon Will Also Take On A Spinner

Nothing is written in stone though and that why they call it fishing. All angler will carry all forms of lures for changes when the current ones they are using do not obtain results.

This year Yakima Bait Co. has sent an assortment of spinners, Falsh&Glow to apply for the upcoming fall season Targeting our coho and Chinook salmon. Perfect for our ultra lite casting with our long rods, they weigh 3/8 to 1/2 ounce.

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