PEETZ Fishing & Outdoors

PEETZ Fishing & Outdoors

Famous for the hand crafted wood single action salmon reels they are also known for their lures. Created in 1930 The Hookum trolling lures has successfully proven itself catching various sport fishes. 

“PEETZ is pleased to reintroduce this legendary lure with some exciting updates. Each Hookum #4 trolling spoon is individually pressed and hand polished at PEETZ workshop in Victoria, BC, using top quality, solid brass that is then nickel coated. They are finished using a wide array of heavy-duty UV and Glo-rich Mylar colour combinations with eye-popping prismatic, holographic and iridescent patterns.”

CJ Special Trolling and Casting lures

Another Canadian made Lure from PEETZ Fishing & Outdoors is the CJ Specials. Proven all around the world.  In addition to their trolling lineup the 2.5-inch will be used to catch salmon off our East coast Vancouver Island beaches.

“These spoon style aluminium lures have been designed and perfected over the last 15 years and have developed a loyal following with both professional charter fishermen and lodge operators. Each variation of the CJ lures, brass or aluminium, has a specific shape and weight, as well as a bend and twist in the tail to ensure that the lures roll in one direction for 8 to 12 inches, then reverse and roll in the opposite direction. This erratic action mimics baitfish unlike any other lure on the market and has proven extremely effective for all predatory fish tested.”

In addition to the Peetz line up is the Sylvester’s Secret Spoon designed in 1982. A lure originally created for salmon has proven itself successfully catching cod, Pike, Bass and trout.

The line up continues with the addition of the Left Coast Lures “ Holy Roller” Anchovy cut plug spoon and the “The Hammer” Needlefish Spoon.

“Left Coast Lures and Design was founded in 2014 by Ryan Kehn of Victoria, British Columbia. The company develops high-performance stainless steel fishing lures that will appeal to even the most demanding fishermen. All LCL designs have gone through rigorous testing with professional anglers and have been enthusiastically received and supported by some of the most accomplished anglers in British Columbia and Alaska.”

Pro Staff Gil’s Line Up For 2019

Stay tuned for exciting adventures this coming season for our winter springs. Pro Staff Gil d’Oliveira

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